Giant Olives

Juicy green giant olives without the pit

3,25 G V 

Mini Pizza balls

Freshly baked bite-size pizza dough balls
served with garlic butter

3,50 V

Mozzarella-Garlic bread

Garlic pizza bread with caramelised onion,
balsamic glaze and melted mozzarella

4,50 V

Bread Board

Focaccia, waldkorn and olive ciabatta, served
with aioli, a blend of balsamic vinegar and
extra-virgin olive oil, and Mediterranean seasalt

6,75 V


WOODSTONE Garlic bread

Freshly baked baguette soaked with
garlic butter, perfect for sharing

3,75 V

Garlic-Rosemary Pizza Sticks

Pizza sticks infused with garlic and
rosemary, served with a basil aioli

3,75 V

WOODSTONE Cheese Fondue

Mini cheese fondue of gorgonzola, pecorino,
gruyère and mozzarella with chives, served with
pizza sticks

7,95 V                                                ______________________________________

Extra information

V = These dishes are suitable for vegetarians*
B = These dishes are from the Bilancia line and
       are a healthy choice
G = These dishes are gluten free**
       Gluten free pizza base is € 2,- extra
= These dishes are suitable for vegans
*  Cheese products can contain animal rennet
** due to our open kitchen traces of nuts and
    or gluten are possible